Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Nostalgic Night !

During my life at the hostel, one night I was extremely home sick and felt worse than I could have ever imagined.In those gloomy moments, the poet within me came to life and I ended up writing this little snippet......

With all these passing years,
I'm losing control over my tears.
And every drop that rolls down my cheek,
Leaves me feeling terribly weak.

People see me with that permanent smile,
But who knows I could flood even river Nile.
I hope no one's around to hear,
This secret that my pillow and I share.

My heart yearns to be back,
But I'm already past halfway through my track.
I have ambitions to accomplish,
Before making that last wish.

..........soon to my rescue was a sweet friend of mine who helped me get out of that dark night and the poetic realm switched it's domain as follows :

To the sorrows I was about to succumb,
I was just a little far from getting numb.
But, to my delight,
Came in the savior of this dreadful night.

My melancholy I could not hide,
As cheering words were flowing from the other side.
I talked through of my plight,
While he made efforts to keep the moods light.

Moments of joy I owe to thee,
I hope I can give in the best I can ever be.
Sayings and quotes I often read,
But you've been a friend in need indeed.