Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Magic of “Tere Bin”

For all the Hindi music lovers out there, I have something for you to ponder upon and some tracks to add-on to your playlists.

Surprisingly, for ages the phrase ‘Tere Bin’ has been an integral part of most of the melodious and hit songs. Let me take you back to the late 70s when the “Tere bina jiya jaaye na….. ” from the movie Ghar made the buzz.For those who can’t recollect, just read through the lines below :

“Tere bina jiya jaaye na….Tere bina jiya jaaye na
Bin tere tere bin saajana… Saans mein saans aaye na…”

Well, that is just an example, there have been many ‘Tere Bin’ numbers that followed. In the recent times, it has caught ground and take my word if you tune on the radio for a couple of hours you are sure to be humming along one of the many ‘Tere Bin’ songs. I’d list down some recent ones that have apparently made me realize the repetitive phrasal occurrence.

Starting from the mesmerizing “Tere Bina tere bina lagta nahi mera jiya….from Kal Kissne Dekha” to the good old Atif Aslam’s “Tere Bin main yoon kaise jiya, kaise jiya tere bin……..from Bas Ek Pal”, all have definitely topped the chartbusters. I guess the following listing would surely remind you about one of your all-time-favorites :

--> Tere bina beswadi beswadi ratiiyaa O sajnaaa….from Guru

-->Tere Bin Sanu Soneya, Koi Hor Naiyo Labna….by Rabbi Shergill

-->Tere bin nahi lagta dil mera dholna….by the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

For the Himesh Reshammiya fans :

-->Tere bin tere bin dil naiyo lagda……from Aap ka suroor

-->Tere bin chaen na aave……………from Karzzz

Also, if I take a few variants, the list could include :

--> Bin tere kya hai jeena……from Who Lamhe

--> Ke Bin tere jeena nahi, haan bin tere jeena nahi……from Aggar

…….n many more…..

Let the Magic of “Tere Bin” prevail !!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm addicted....Are you too ???

Things have changed with time and so have people and their outlook towards life.We've gone virtual and found a whole new world to live in. It's not about the young generation alone, people of all age groups have accepted and adopted it with equal enthusiasm. It was never before that people displayed their personal feelings so openly. We would not know what a distant friend has been upset about or what makes your best buddy angry ? Now we even know what each one on our contact list had for dinner or how late at night they went to bed !

When you are lonely, this new world opens a big space to have company. You prefer to sit staring at the screen and see people log in and out feeling they're there for you. Every one has found their own comfort zones out here. Not just this, people pose for photographs so that they can put them up as their display pictures on social networking sites or maybe on their chat messengers. Are we so dejected in lives that we've been forced to take up such new and weird forms of being happy ?

How many hours a day do you stay online ? Status messages like not@desk and out for dinner say it all. We can't even keep away for minutes ??? Is it not addiction ? Well ofcourse it is ! The point is not to prove whether we have become preys to it....the bigger question is what good are we getting out of it ? Are we moving towards a healthier lifestyle ? A more socialized culture ? or are we ruining the real essence of life ?

Well, opinions would vary. Many would call it a necessity or maybe their work demands them to be online 24 X 7 and that is true in most of the cases. But what about those of us who simply wake up to a yahoo buzz ?? If you're not able to decide what your reasons are...just imagine being cut off from the internet for a week or maybe you can dare to try it and you'll have your answers.

P.S. :- You read this as my blog rather than hearing it live from me..Lolz..It's endless !

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Day of Delight

Way back during my school days, I once wrote a poem. I'm sure you'd be able to make out what it was all about if you read just a few lines. So here you go :-

"A Day of Delight"

Twenty Seventh September 1987,
The time was half past eleven.
Everyone thanked the Heavens,
As they heard the cry from the doctor's cabin.

There were visitors on the lifts,
With their beautiful gifts.
The nurses on shifts,
Cleaning up the tit-bits.

Hello Grandma ! Hello John !
The news went on.
It went to the Don,
That her sister was born.

She was filled with joy,
For her lovely new toy.
She told every girl & boy,
About her little toy.

The little toy was none other than me,
Received as a gift from God for free.
She wanted to climb up the tree,
But then, she was only three.

What else can I say,
About that day.
That was my first day,
Into this world of play.