Friday, February 6, 2009

A Day of Delight

Way back during my school days, I once wrote a poem. I'm sure you'd be able to make out what it was all about if you read just a few lines. So here you go :-

"A Day of Delight"

Twenty Seventh September 1987,
The time was half past eleven.
Everyone thanked the Heavens,
As they heard the cry from the doctor's cabin.

There were visitors on the lifts,
With their beautiful gifts.
The nurses on shifts,
Cleaning up the tit-bits.

Hello Grandma ! Hello John !
The news went on.
It went to the Don,
That her sister was born.

She was filled with joy,
For her lovely new toy.
She told every girl & boy,
About her little toy.

The little toy was none other than me,
Received as a gift from God for free.
She wanted to climb up the tree,
But then, she was only three.

What else can I say,
About that day.
That was my first day,
Into this world of play.


sachin said...

Really..a delightful one!!:-)

Dipraj said...

How thought-provoking : What if you were not born in the hours of seven or eleven? :-?

Geetika said...

hehe well nothing much wud happen....coz i wasnt...poetic exaggeration u see....rhyming demands [:P]

Dipraj said...

Just as I thought :P
But I loved the verses :)

Geetika said...

Thanks a lot :)

gudiya said...

really nice :)

ReeD said...

nice one yaar... hai....

ReeD said...

i m copying it...

ashutosh said...

you should make this heading more persize by writing ,delight of 'half past eleven'because it is exact time at which the almighty has gifted us with a exact image of angel(you know the qualities of angel)who not making her family proud but every one who is in contact with that sole are proud in some form,(teacher ,friends ,junior,everyone) not in INDIA but making us proud outside our continent.i relly thank god for the delight of' half past eleven'.