Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm addicted....Are you too ???

Things have changed with time and so have people and their outlook towards life.We've gone virtual and found a whole new world to live in. It's not about the young generation alone, people of all age groups have accepted and adopted it with equal enthusiasm. It was never before that people displayed their personal feelings so openly. We would not know what a distant friend has been upset about or what makes your best buddy angry ? Now we even know what each one on our contact list had for dinner or how late at night they went to bed !

When you are lonely, this new world opens a big space to have company. You prefer to sit staring at the screen and see people log in and out feeling they're there for you. Every one has found their own comfort zones out here. Not just this, people pose for photographs so that they can put them up as their display pictures on social networking sites or maybe on their chat messengers. Are we so dejected in lives that we've been forced to take up such new and weird forms of being happy ?

How many hours a day do you stay online ? Status messages like not@desk and out for dinner say it all. We can't even keep away for minutes ??? Is it not addiction ? Well ofcourse it is ! The point is not to prove whether we have become preys to it....the bigger question is what good are we getting out of it ? Are we moving towards a healthier lifestyle ? A more socialized culture ? or are we ruining the real essence of life ?

Well, opinions would vary. Many would call it a necessity or maybe their work demands them to be online 24 X 7 and that is true in most of the cases. But what about those of us who simply wake up to a yahoo buzz ?? If you're not able to decide what your reasons are...just imagine being cut off from the internet for a week or maybe you can dare to try it and you'll have your answers.

P.S. :- You read this as my blog rather than hearing it live from me..Lolz..It's endless !


Dipraj said...

How often have we not been caught thinking that way?
Perhaps we're tired of existence as it has long existed (There we go!! :P)

Good that you captured the same though - 'Geek'ita!! :)

Hermit_Wolverine said...

Habit... aa.. kabhi socha nahi.. Bt.. No.. atleast for me.. However i m Single.. Bt After College n Friends Net is a different tool to be engazed & avoid Devil mind ..

vishalspeaks said...

The people are more concerned about their online life than the social life.
I have seen so many people who keeps on clicking photos n next they are uploading it them online to show it to the world.They dont care about the people around you but the online friends.
See now i am also writing a comment.these thing has changed the society.the day is not far when everything happens through Internet :P