Tuesday, April 20, 2010

They say....But...I don't !!!

Well here comes an off-hand piece of writing....Just began typing and this is what I ended up with !

They say I'm a geek..
But haven't they ever seen me dancing ?

They say I'm modest..
But doesn't that just suit me well ?

They say I'm secretive..
But how would they know if that's a secret ?

They say I'm diplomatic..
But doesn't that save them from my brutal words ?

They say I'm good to all..
But would they even know me if I was not so ?

They say I don't speak..
But doesn't that give them more space to talk ?

They say I'm a good listener..
Now that's what lets them say so much :D


Mohit said...

Short and sweet! And funny too :P

reshmi said...

Awesome!!! right from the heart I assume :)

Geetika said...

Thank u both :)

Dipraj said...

And they also say I have so much 'FUN'*.. Doesn't that explain the 'VENOM'?

*To be purposely Hindi-ised!

Geetika said...

@Dipraj Sir : Lolz ! Too good....I wonder how I missed that fact :D "The funnn" !!!!!! hehe

Mohit said...

I was thinking about it for very long...it looked very familiar...now I remember...Veer Zaara :P

Prags said...

well said.. best part is we know what i m..