Sunday, August 10, 2014

More than half a year flew by !

So I was just browsing and thought about my blog...might as well pay a visit and that brought a realization - The last time I wrote felt like just yesterday but more than half a year has gone by. Time literally flew by without me realizing how fast life can move sometimes. Indeed this took me back to figuring out what has kept me away from sharing my thoughts for so long and I could evidently tell what that is :)

Yet another exciting hobby I'm proud to have inculcated and now that I look back I'm surprised how I did not get into it earlier ? Better late than never was my reaction to my own amazement. Anyone who is connected to me via any social media is well aware of what this new so called obsession is - yes I have joined the club of people who can be found strolling the streets with a big bag hanging onto their shoulders.

I'm now one of those who like to see the world through the lens and love to capture every possible moment. There's this passion about achieving perfection with the help of advanced machinery ofcourse. I am guilty of judging those with the camera as some kinda crazy given the amount of time, patience and energy it takes to compose those perfect frames but I totally get it now.

I wouldn't have called it an obsession until the two recent incidents where I happened to pass by some picturesque skies and regretted not having my camera with me. The phone camera does come handy but it feels like I missed an opportunity to get that out of the world picture. It is hard to express the emotions that you go through when you miss that chance or even when you get it right....I'm sure my fellow photography lovers would understand what I'm talking about here - Happy Clicking :)

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Sachin said...

You always had this interesting habit of trying to learn new things and develop a passion about it..keep up the spirit :)