Sunday, April 19, 2015

My date with Nature :)

My love for nature's beauty goes back to childhood days when sitting in the sun and relishing an orange was an epitome of a winter day. Back then I didn't realize what it was that I really cherished but there was something special about it. Having spent some time in this part of the world, where winters take up majority of the year, I would not miss any chance to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

This weekend started with a gorgeous sunny day so I planned to pick up a novel and my camera and head to the lush & pretty botanical garden in the city. The entrance was welcoming with some cherry blossoms right outside the paradise I was yet to experience. There were vast expanses of green grass which led to budding cherry trees with some in their peak. It looked ethereal even with so few in bloom, I could only imagine what the scene would be when the rows of trees are at their peak. Many people posed for pictures in front of the vibrant colors while a few of us decided to capture them up and close.

A little further down I surrendered to the inviting grass, where lots of people were also basking under the sun. Sound of chirping birds and laughing kids running around the field just sweetened the scene. The warmth, the breeze and the cool grass kept me affixed to my novel for a couple of hours before I decided to explore a little more of the beauty this place had to offer. Bushes of bright flowers and rows of exotic plants awaited to be photographed.

The highlight was what they call the Magnolia plaza and I am afraid words will fail me to express the magnificence of what lay ahead of me. Divine is almost the only word that can do justice to those pretty pink and white trees with the sweetest fragrance I have ever breathed in. I strolled around the area to absorb as much of the pulchritude as possible. The least I can say to define my appreciation of the place is that I have been looking for Magnolia scented perfumes ever since my return.

With all my senses refreshed and joy in my heart, I can only sing for you oh beauty that this year's love had better last........

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Suneeta Jaiswal said...

All Nature lovers will enjoy this fantastic, refreshing spring narration. Heavenly indeed !!